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Chobi Mela Ⅸ

Biggest Asian photography event
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Chobi Mela, the international festival of photography since its inception in 2000 has been the single biggest photography event in Asia and the first of a regular biennale, one that has become one of the highlights of the Asian calendar. It is organised by Drik Picture Library Ltd. and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. The Ninth edition of Chobi Mela was held from February 3rd to February 16th, 2017.


It has many well-known phtographers

The theme of Chobi Mela Ⅸ is transition.Imagine being told you have only ten more days. To love, to live, to celebrate, to cherish, to repent, to ponder. Perhaps ten weeks, maybe months. Perhaps you have cancer, or you are on someone’s hit list. Or you have just been sentenced. Perhaps someone thousands of miles away will press a button. Perhaps you are in jail, being tortured. Perhaps death to you is a release, and end to pain, an  acceptable price for your belief. Let’s move to happier thoughts. Perhaps you will start a new life. Maybe your first child is about to be born. You have crossed many miles and you near land. You see sunlight after years in solitary confinement. You bathe in rain after months of drought.

First time in its feature, Chobi Mela IX is partly commissioning ten Bangladeshi artists as Chobi Mela Fellow to produce site-specific artworks for the festival. To investigate the theme Transition, artists from different backgrounds of painting, drawing, animation, sculpture, photography, video, sound and installations will expand the possibilities of the medium and test the language of manifestations. These independent projects will be nurtured for six months through constant dialogue and guidance from the team of festival curators led by Mahbubur Rahman. Through this initiative, Chobi Mela aims to support new media artists of Bangladesh to develop their independent projects entailing experimentation and expansion.



Robert Zhao Renhui, Singapore

A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World

Alexander Supartono, Indonesia

Postcolonial Photo Studio

Gohar Dashti, Iran

Iran, Untitled



Hope you can follow and attend the festival next year.

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